We are transforming brand content
into effective acquisition solutions.

traffic generation
for medias

business generation
for e-tailers

Brand content
and native ads
for advertisers

Client focused solutions that boost brand audience and business results

Solution for media

Extending newsletters reach and increasing audience

  • Newsletter content selection
  • Efficient reader target identification
  • Co-edited newsletters automatic diffusion

Pay Only for Results

Solution for e-trailers

Newsletters reach and turnover increase

Integration of your offers
in our e-commerce newsletters


  • Integrate your offers in our thematic newsletters
  • Reach a relevant target of consumers / buyers
  • Generate incremental sales


Non-duplicated diffusion
of your newsletters


  • Reuse offers flow dedicated to your newsletters
  • Identify potential leads similar to your active profiles
  • Automatically distribute newsletters

Pay Only for Results

Automatic solutions to awaken dormant addresses and detect potential leads

Detecting profiles activity and increasing turnover

Dormant addresses awakening

  •  Identify fake dormant addresses
  • Deliver better to active profiles
  • Automatically distribute newslettersrs

Automatic scenarios

  •  Effective private segment of potential leads identification
  • Profiles opening your content re-targeted
  • Automatic diffusion of your messages to potential leads when web browsing

Pay Only for Results

Solution to engage your targets with content

Increasing your offers reach to a targeted, real and qualified audience

  • Selection of a relevant consumers / buyers target
  • Integration of your offers in our media newsletters, with native ads format
  • Generation of incremental sales

Pay Only for Results

A powerful database enriched in real time

We segment profiles through a proprietary process
of qualification by consumed contents.

Solid tools and technological solutions to operate and manage databases

Segmentation and
diffusion software

E-commerce offers
management back-office

Data and performance
analytic software

Leading deliverability technologies expertise

Our talents create value and performance

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